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Tapping Part 1
Eric Vandenberg

Due to popular demand, here is an article about tapping - the first in a mini series. This first article introduces the very basics of the technique and explains a few approaches to start you off.

03 Apr 2006
rating: 9.1

Broaden Up Your Reach!!
David Bohorquez

3 notes per string scale patterns been popular among guitarists since the shred era. In this article David shows some ideas of combining 3 and 4 notes per string patterns to improve your scope on the fretboard.

23 Aug 2004
rating: 3.9

Bending Steel
Eric Vandenberg

Based on lot of discussions and requests in the forums, I decided to elaborate a bit on bendings and vibrato, incl. pics and soundfiles. My buddy Thorsten was nice enough to provide some soundfiles as well. Remember my article about tone?

28 Oct 2003
rating: 8.6

Neoclassical Shred Guitar
Eric Vandenberg

Based on the many requests I received by email and in the forums, I'd like to talk about neoclassical shred guitar this time... I have a bunch of licks and techniques plus an introduction to the scales used in that style of music for ya.

06 Aug 2003
rating: 9.6

Tapping Arpeggios - Part 1
Atanas Shishkov

I use a lot of two-handed licks in my playing. I started to explore and include more of this technique into my style because of the smooth and fluid sounds created with two-hand playing...

05 May 2003
rating: 7.5

Why Not Do Both? (Legato Pt.2 and more...)
Eric Vandenberg

In this article, I'd like to show you a slightly different approach to legato-playing (Brett Garsed-style), and also the "Technique A vs. Technique B" vs. "Why not do both?" approach.

30 Apr 2003
rating: 9

Skip It! (An Introduction To String-Skipping)
Eric Vandenberg

Let's talk about yet another cool shred-technique: string skipping. It'd be best if you have worked on your picking and legato-technique before you work on skipping strings. And it's not only a cool shred-tool but also great for melodies...

27 Mar 2003
rating: 9.3

Three Note Per String Patterns
Eric Vandenberg

Scale patterns are a great tool for creating music. Before, I showed you the three note per string-patterns of the pentatonic scale. This time, we'll take a look at the major scale and I'll show you some cool exercises and licks ...

18 Feb 2003
rating: 9.4

Pentatonic Madness
Eric Vandenberg

Think you know how to play every possible lick with the pentatonic scale? Wanna "Shred" and think that the pentatonic scale ain't the tool to do so? Well, let's see ...

20 Jan 2003
rating: 9.3

The Energizer Bunny
Patrick Vega

Playing Guitar (especially technically demanding playing) requires a lot of energy and can be dangerous for your hands. What good is it to be "theoretically able to do it" but your hands told you to back off?

17 Jan 2003
rating: 8.5

Good morning, left hand!
Eric Vandenberg

Let's talk about legato techniques. After all the alternate picking articles it would be a good idea to pay attention to the left hand and this time, well let it do most of the work while we take a look at hammer ons, pull offs and more...

10 Oct 2002
rating: 9.2

Damper Pedal Guitar
Jon Finn

When you push down the damper pedal on a piano, all notes you play continue to sustain until you lift the pedal. It creates somewhat of a "washy" or "ethereal" effect. Recreating that effect on guitar is much more of a challenge...

01 Oct 2002
rating: 7.6

Stretch Some More !
Eric Vandenberg

OK, I just felt like writing a bit more about one of my favorite topics, the stretch-pentatonic. So here are some more, very difficult licks for you to learn or get inspired by...

22 Aug 2002
rating: 9.8

The Whammy Bar (Basics & Weird Effects)
Eric Vandenberg

The whammy bar (aka. vibrato system, trem bar etc.) is a cool device and may help you to express yourself better in your playing. In this article, Ill show you the basics and some weird but popular "wang bar effects"

13 Jul 2002
rating: 9.5

Stretch It !
Eric Vandenberg

In this new article I am gonna tell you about the Stretch Pentatonic ('three note per string pentatonic'), how to use it and how to create some very cool, unusual licks, in the styles of Greg Howe, Joey Tafolla, Paul Gilbert... and myself =)

26 Jun 2002
rating: 9.7

Beyond Natural Harmonics
Eric Vandenberg

Theres way more you can do with harmonics than just divebombs.. In this article, Im gonna show you different kinds of harmonics (natural, tapped, harp...) and how to use them...

19 Jun 2002
rating: 9.5

String Skipping
Geoff Thorpe

This lesson serves as an introduction to the idea of string skipping. Starting out with some managable examples, Geoff soon gets your fingers cracking on some quite challanging skips.

30 Apr 2002
rating: 8.8