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Thread: Making Industral Music

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    Making Industral Music

    Hey everyone, i'm new to this forum but i joined to find out some answers. I have been studing guiatr and bass guitar for about 2 years now and want to start making my own music. I'm gettin into industrial music alot (Nine inch nails and celldweller) type industrial. I can't seem to find out what I need to get started, how to make my own sounds and what software or hardware i need to get started. Anyone know how to get me started?


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    Welcome Chris. This is a totally unknown genre and bands to me. Checked them out on Amazon, though. Sounds ok.

    With respect to getting started, I guess you have to start writing some good songs. You may start with Chris J's article:

    Chris also covers "Recording and Releasing Your Own CD". Check out:

    I'll also give you a little hint: Read the IBM rules... no gear discussions at IBM. Not sure how mixing and applying effects to your guitar to get various effects would be regarded by the mod's, but I guess your question is close to what is more in the Harmony Central genre.

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    Reason 3.0 is a great program for industrial music. check it out.

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