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Thread: exercises without a guitar?

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    exercises without a guitar?

    i was wondering if there were any exercises that work on finger strengthening if you don't have a guitar handy (strumming or fretting hand exercises)


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    practice left-right hand coordination by placing hands on a table or hard surface and lifting your pinky and middle finger simoultanously, and then your ring and index finger.
    Once you get a hang of it, start doing it with both hands simoultanously.

    Try with your left hand to touch your thumb with your index finger, then your middle finger, then the ring finger, then the pinky, and back & forth like this.
    Try doing this thing with both hands simoultaneouously, doing touching the opposite fingers and thumb (like, 1) left hand=index right hand=pinky, 2) left=middle right=ring etc.)

    Also i can't spell simoultaneously
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