I was just looking through a cardboard box of old stuff, and I found a folder with documentation of a metalband I once was in.
This was when I was like 16 or 17, and back then I was weird enough to transcribe the stuff we used to play. ( so you might say that I was a smarta** even back then )
I used to construct my solos and play them the same way every time back then.
However, one of our songs was called "Eternal" ( go figure ! ), and in the last few bars of that song ( the song ended with a solo ), there is this cool little lick, which I also used as an exercise back then.

Here it is:

I used this as a warmup, and it also helped me to work on my picking a bit ( since it features a string-skip ). It is a chromatic one, and I liked to use it a lot, since it had a nasty little sound next to all the diatonic stuff I used to play back then.
And there are many metal players who slip in a chromatic lick in between ( like i.e. Alex Skolnick when he still was in Testament )

Anyway, you can use this one as a warmup or another picking exercise, or you can incorporate it into your own solos.
So, here are the last few bars of that song. I think itīs kinda cute to look back at that stuff and to remember those songs and how they were written... it also is funny to look at how I constructed my solos, and how much I paid attention to it while showing pretty much NO creativity when it came to rhythm guitar ( straight 8th-notes, palm muted of course... ).
So, here we go...

And HERE is a MIDI of it...

Good olī times...
Warm regards

NP: Alex Skolnick- Detroit Rock City ( track )