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Thread: 1st timer - Hootie strumming pattern

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    Nov 2005

    1st timer - Hootie strumming pattern

    New to the guitar, been messing around for about a year.
    Know basic chords, would just like to get a few simple songs under my
    belt, but have problems figuring out strumming patterns.
    Can anyone help me with,
    Hootie and the Blowfish - "Let her Cry"?
    I have the tab, but not the pattern.

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    Registered User Gordon's Avatar
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    Jul 2003

    Hootie pattern

    I just listened to the song and the pattern seems to be:

    D........D...D.U.D.U.D...D.......D.......D..D.U.D. U.D....D (Strum)

    1........2........3..........4.......1.......2.... ...3...........4 (Beat)

    This seems to be the pattern for most of intro, the bass seems to also follow the same pattern as well.

    I hope this helps
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    Nov 2005
    Thanks for the help.
    I tried the pattern last night. Pretty easy.
    I haven't tried it to the song yet.
    thanks again.

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