Hi guys,

I would like to point out something about the "player profile"-issue. As you might know, I have written a few "Player Profiles" about certain players for ibreathe ( Greg Howe, Paul Gilbert, Thorsten Koehne, the guitar feature in the Brett Garsed-feature ).

Now, before I wrote those, I was considering whether I should do so. Because in my opinion, itīs not only tough to "limit" a playerīs style to a number of cool licks, and also, I consider it a bit more interesting and important to write about the tools to become a better player ( or to be able to actually play the stuff your favorite players play )
But since people like Howe and Garsed have not been featured a lot, and do have some quite uncommon licks and techniques, I decided to go ahead and write those articles.
And guess what ? The thing I was worried about did happen... ever since the release of those articles, I have gotten bunches of Emails requesting ppīs ( player profiles ) about other players ( Malmsteen, Kotzen, Romeo, Eklund... )

I can perfectly understand that... when I was starting out, I was hunting down as many transcriptions of my favorite players licks as possible.
But I would like you to consider a few things:
- Those profiles were considered an "extra"... something in between actual articles about theory and techniques to break up the routine, or to cover players who havenīt been covered that much at other sites ( Gilbert has been, Howe, Koehne and Garsed havenīt ). They were supposed to be only a small percentage of the material at ibreathe

- One of the main goals at ibreathe is to provide you with tools and information to become a better player. And I do think that articles like "Stretch It" and "Art Of Picking" ( which all feature a few licks in the styles of popular players anyway ) are way more helpful for that than player profiles

- Although I fortunately had plenty of time in the first few months of ibreathe, my available time has decreased. After all, I am working on an album and plan to promote it, I teach, and thereīs still a private life going on. The time I cans et aside for ibreathe Iīd like to dedicate to write instructional stuff, talking about the aforementioned tools, not writing an article about a popular player every week

- Many of the players people ask about ( Romeo, Malmsteen, Friedman, Becker, Vinnie Moore, Steve Vai tc. ) have been featured on other sites. There are bunches of sites with TABs and licks of those guys. So I donīt see the purpose of writing about them for ibreathe as well

- Bear with me here: As much as we like to fulfill requests and answer specific questions, Ibreathe was not exactly supposed to be "request an article, weīll do it" site.
Simply because that is pretty much impossible. If Iīd wanna try to do all the requested articles, Iīd have to spend a year in front of the computer.
We try to cover the topics requested at the forums, but we simply canīt cover all the players people ask about.

So basically, I want to let you know that the player profile-type articles will remain a very casual thing. And that there are way too many requests for even more profiles.
The focus will be on articles about music theory, playing techniques etc. Most of these techniques are the exact same techniques used by the players people ask about. So those articles should enable you to understand and hopefully be able to play the licks of your favorite players.
So I hope youīll understand that most of these requests simply canīt be fulfilled.
We hope we can give you the tools youīll need and answer your questions with the articles weīre writing, or help ya out at the forums. And I think thereīs plenty of interesting stuff there.