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Thread: re: Player Profiles, Articles, etc. THANK YOU

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    re: Player Profiles, Articles, etc. THANK YOU

    Just wanted to share some quotes & thoughts I have found to be helpful regarding this thread.

    "also, I consider it a bit more interesting and important to write about the tools to become a better player (or to be able to actually play the stuff your favorite players play)"
    "- One of the main goals at ibreathe is to provide you with tools and information to become a better player. And I do think that articles like "Stretch It" and "Art Of Picking" (which all feature a few licks in the styles of popular players anyway) are way more helpful for that than player profiles"

    Personally your BREAK IT ALL DOWN article as well as many other's, ie.Improvisation Tools: Pentatonic has been a major influence, & allowed me to improve the way I play the instrument to an even higher level of ability.

    "The focus will be on articles about music theory, playing techniques etc. Most of these techniques are the exact same techniques used by the players people ask about. So those articles should enable you to understand and hopefully be able to play the licks of your favorite players."
    "We hope we can give you the tools you´ll need and answer your questions with the articles we´re writing, or help ya out at the forums.
    And I think there´s plenty of interesting stuff there."

    I'll say that's an understatement, a while back I decided to read ALL the forum Threads, I naively figured this would not be that major of a project as I had decided I would copy only some of the advice of these threads that I thought was educational.
    I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was so much valuable information on each thread that I'm still working on this strategy.
    (I've studied all the BEGINNER threads as well as the PRACTICE & PERFORMANCE threads & I'm currently halfway through the MUSIC THEORY threads)

    IMHO irregardless of the level of knowledge &/or ability you have on the instrument IBREATHE is an invaluable resource to continuously improve as a musician, & I'm very greatful for the enormous amount of quality education for the instrument as well as Music Theory in general at this site!

    I have always been the type of person that chooses not to give a compliment unless I feel it is deserved, that being said THANK YOU ALL !!
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    "Success is arriving at a Personal Satisfaction within yourself"

    Dedicated To Guitar!!!

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    You´re welcome

    I am glad you feel that way about the site and its content, and I am glad that the message came through.

    I think it´s a great thing that you´re looking through all those threads. A student of mine once did something similar at another site... he went through hundreds of threads and copied the stuff he considered useful into a certain text file.
    Then, he reorganized all those bits and put them into several different files, sorted by subject.
    Reminds me a bit of the FAQ-idea...

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