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Thread: Muscle

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    I know that lots of muscle slows your movements down, and I do a lot of wieght lifting, especailly work on upper body and biceps. Will this have an effect on my wrist and finger movements, or have any other kind of negative effect?

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    Muscle does not slow you down, this is nothing but a myth. The reason we can move at all is due to muscle, developing stronger muscles actually make you faster. Be sure to incorporate stretching in you exercise program to maintain flexibility and don't force yourself to do any particular lift or exercise that is painful (the bad kind of pain as opposed to the "good" kind, if you have been weight training for a while you know the difference). As long as you are lifting, why are you concentrating on your upper body and putting your lower body second? 75% of your body's muscle is in your lower body; why not give squats a try? Now that is a workout.

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    I'd say that muscle will only slow you down if you gain it but as a result loose flexability...which shouldn't happen if you do things properly with lots of stretches.

    Speaking from my experience, the more I run and lift weights and the stronger I get the faster I get and the longer I can practice.

    There's a lot to be said about just generally being in decent shape.

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