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Thread: Guitar Magazine

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    Sep 2005

    Cool Guitar Magazine

    Hey all!
    I'm looking for the guitar mag that had an article on the New Great 8 Guitar heors.
    It was out earlier this year, only I don't know WHICH guitar mag had it! LOL
    Our record stores aren't much help. as the 'kids' there don't know anything but what's "hot" LOL
    Anyway, I know it had Henry Garza (los lonely boys) listed in it (#1?), and would really like to get my hands on a copy if possible. But I need to narrow the search by like ALOT!!!! Everything I've looked at wasn't it, so far, so any help would be a biggie for me!

    Thanks alot

    Mom of 4

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    Apr 2004
    You might try checking the web-sites of each of the major guitar mags in the US: Guitar Player, Guitar One, Guitar World.
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    Anyone got an idea where the Guitar Techniques and Guitarist websites are? I can't find them!

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