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Thread: First attempt at composition.

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    Sep 2005

    First attempt at composition.


    Just wondering if someone could advice or analyse my lil composition ^_^. I know that it pales in comparison to the stuff Iv heard some guys put on here, but its the very time I have attempted to write something, but be as blunt or as harsh as you need to be. I have ideas for building on this, alot more building, but I just want to see if its worth working on at all (only as an intro though, or something to that effect). The other things is that its converted from Powertab Editor to midi, so appologise for its suckyness, I dont have supercool recording equipment...yet . Well, I guess thats everything. Thankyou for your time. Also, is it theoretically ok to mix and match between chords from the Harmonic Minor and Natural Minor?
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    Groovy Bastard Maarten's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Hey, for a first composition I think this is really very good. There are no 'flaws' or anything I can hear, there is some nice voice-leading and a nice melody.
    Also, it sounds like a coherent piece. A lot of first compositions often sound a bit random, but this sounds like a musical idea. Great work!

    You could continue by making a variation(s) of this part, and maybe another intrument doubling or adding a melody on top would make it better.
    And don't worry if something is theoretically ok (mixing the minors up is ok though). Theory is there to give you ideas, not to restrict your creativity. If it sounds good, it is good.
    Stop talking about modes and start working on your groove.

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    Frequent Jammer JailHouseRock's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    I'm not good at anylizing song but to my ear it sounds good!
    It sounds more like keyboard playing to me.
    You can make it longer by making some variation of that part.
    That would be great!
    The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing

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    Sep 2005
    Thanks guys, that means alot. Im all fired up for developing it

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    Mar 2005
    luton england
    nice little piece I like the way the melody moved but a bit to quaverish (too many quavers) in my oppinion I think u should make the rhtym more interestin but good for a first composition

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