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Thread: Now Playing List July 05

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    Ibreathe Music Advisor EricV's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2002

    Now Playing List July 05

    Sevendust - Home
    Dream Theater - Octavarium
    David Russell - Plays Bach
    Michael Schenker - Thank You 4
    MSG - Bunches of albums of them
    UFO - Obsession
    Milan Polak - Dreamscapes
    Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part II
    John Petrucci - Suspended Animation
    Joe Satriani - Several albums
    Eric Johnson - Bloom
    A Perfect Circle - Mer De Nom
    Kiss - Revenge


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    allrounder live's Avatar
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Queen - Innuendo
    Jimi Hendrix - [Everything!]
    Scott Henderson - Tore Down House
    Paul Gilbert - Flying Dog
    Mr. Big - Selftitled
    Al Di Meola - Kiss My Axe
    John Scofield - ?berjam

    *** video
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    Registered User
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    Aug 2004
    Sort of on topic here...

    I read an article by Wayne Krantz who said "I really don't listen to music anymore and haven't in quite some time, sometimes I'll go watch my friends in New York play, but I don't really listen to anything anymore."

    I can only really speak in a jazz context, but I know of quite a number of guys that try to avoid the modern stuff just because they no longer want to follow 'trends' and this is possible with a music that has a pretty large nod towards tradition regardless of what you play. But not listening at all seems kind of bizzare...and this is comming from one of the most respected jazz guitarists on the planet.

    Anyways, thought that was more interesting then any list I could possibly post.

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    I, Galactus oRg's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2004
    Death - The Sound of Perseverance
    Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects - Sol Niger Within
    GWAR - War Party
    God Forbid - Gone Forever
    Rhapsody - The Dawn of Victory
    Zakk Wylde - Book of Shadows
    v2sw3CUhw6ln3pr6OFck3ma9u6Lw3Xm6l6Ui2Ne5t5TSFDAb8T DOen7g6RZATHCMHPa21s6MSr53Dp3hackerkey

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    Running with the devil... Rock_Rocket's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    - Van Halen: I, 1984, 5150

    - Bryan Adams: Waking Up The Neighbours, So Far So Good

    - Bruce Springsteen: Human Touch, Best Of

    - The Commitments: OST

    Not many changes since June... I hope I'll soon get to buy Europe's "Out Of This World". I once borrowed it from a fellow student at ATMA Munich and simply loved it. Kee Marcello did a killer-job on this one. Check it out!!!

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    Registered User leppard81's Avatar
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    2raumwohnung - Melancholisch schön (pretty good chill out/bossa nova music with german lyrics - i really like it! I did some search on the web and found out that the same titled disc by Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto should be next on my "to buy"-list. Its the one that features "Girl from Ipanema")

    Bon Jovi - Fahrenheit 4500

    Metropolis - Power of the night

    Huey Lewis - Best of..

    Abi v. Reininghaus - King of heart

    Europe - Rock the night - The very best of...

    ALEX :-)
    We get the dreams that we deserve.... - Marillion

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    Registered User
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Germany, NRW
    Barclay James Harvest - Best Of
    Pink Floyd - The Wall and The Devision Bell
    Alter Bridge - One Day Remains
    Kiko Loureiro - No Gravity
    John Petrucci - Suspended
    Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced
    Nile - Annihilation of the Wicked

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    Let metal flow Death (Chuck)'s Avatar
    Join Date
    Jun 2005
    Good old Germany
    Testament - the legacy
    Megadeth - Wake up dead
    Friedman - Dragons Mistress
    Flotsam and Jetsam - Dig me up to burry me
    Cynic - Textures
    Death - Lack of comprehension
    Vader - Wings
    Cryptopsy - Cold hate warm Blood

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    Mad Scientist forgottenking2's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2003
    Houston, TX
    My list (A strange combination):

    1. Joe Pass: Joy Spring
    2. Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool / Kind of Blue
    3. Charlie Parker: Birdland
    4. Pat Martino: Live at Yoshi's
    5. Wes Montgomery: The Dynamic Duo
    6. Pat Metheny: EMG Select recordings
    7. Joe Satriani: Time Machine / Strange Beautiful Music / Is there love in
    8. Steve Vai: Alive in the Ultraworld
    9. Dream Theater: Live at the Budokan / Scenes from a memory
    "If God had wanted us to play the piano he would've given us 88 fingers"

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    Registered User shani's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jun 2004
    these days i m into

    - Dream theater - Octavarium.
    - Eric Johnson - Bloom.
    - John petrucci - Suspended Animation.
    - Steve vai - Real Illusions reflections.
    - Faraz - Abstract point of view.

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    Registered User CaptainCarma's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2003
    Cologne, Germany
    "voices" - mike stern
    "synergy" - dave weckl band
    "trio loco" - richman, haslip, gottlieb
    "it´s time" - michael buble
    "renee olstead" - renee olstead
    "red, white and crue" - mötley crüe
    "guitarshop" - jeff beck
    "Truth is the invention of a liar." - von Foerster

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    oh harro;D delicious's Avatar
    Join Date
    May 2005
    Marty Friedman - Scenes
    Evergrey - Recreation Day
    \m/ chunk chunk chunk \m/

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    Guitar Builder / Player DoeringerDGM's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2005
    Susan Tedeschi
    Buckwheat Zydecko
    Adrian Belew
    and revisiting some Iron Maiden
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    Art - Tone - Playability

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    Actually, I don´t listen to much music at all. Usually just when brushing my teeth or something.... It´s not like my stereo´s playing the whole day...

    But one of the things that really kicked my a++ recently was the new album by the WHITE STRIPES "Blue Orchid". Just brilliant!

    Oh, BTW leppard81, yeah 2Raumwohnung are amazing too. Great grooves!

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    Registered User
    Join Date
    Dec 2003
    Dream Theater - Octavarium
    Winds - The Imaginary Direction of Time
    Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse and Still Life
    Tool - Lateralus
    Ayreon - The Human Equation

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