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Thread: classical guitar?

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    Registered User LarryJ's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
    Boston, MA

    classical guitar?

    Anyone out there into classical guitar? I'm thinking about picking one up on the cheap, cause I enjoy quite a few classical pieces (pachabels canon in d being my favorite). Is there a big difference between a classical guitar and an acoustic? If possible, I'm hoping to get by with my regular ovation for the time being, but with the finger picking involved, it would seem perhaps classical guitars have more space between the strings to accomodate the plucking...is this true?

    This brings me to my next point. Since I'm primarily a metal head at heart, yet now getting into a bit of jazz/fusion and other styles, I learned to fingerpick incorrectly. I basically use my index/pointer finger for all my picking, because everything that required fingerpicking in the rock style was simple arpeggios; no multiple note plucking going on at the same time. I've found it difficult to kick the habit and establish the traditional classical picking with all my fingers (perhaps because of the regular acoustics spacing?) so can anyone reccomend a good book or dvd or video on the subject? Even a website or other introduction that someone knows of might be enough to get me going...

    Thanks in advance,

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    Registered User LarryJ's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
    Boston, MA
    PS: I'm hoping I dont have to resort to getting that Esteban package on late night tv, so someone help me out!!

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    I am not very nice DemonSorcerer's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    South America
    Acoustic guitars have electric guitar...steel strings strings...with narrow necks and fingerboards...which i hate...the body's usually designed almost like some sort of deformed square, making it almost impossible to play in sitting position...usually necks have truss rods to bear the tension of the steel strings..which is another thing i hate from acoustic steel string guitars...TO MUCH TENSION...

    On the other hand, Classical guitars are lighter than acoustics...the neck's wider and it has the same width all over the fretboard..unlike acoustics (acoustic guitar necks are just like electric guitar necks)...they use nylon strings, which in my oppinion, are easier to play and sound better for most situations...

    The thing is...acoustic guitars are made for certain purposes only...Classical guitars are made for different purposes...if you want to get int classical guitar, get a CLASSICAL GUITAR for the job...i reccomend Yamaha...great tone (for starters, not a concert classical guitar) and cheap prices...

    If you want piece suggestions, feel free to PM me...i'm a fan of classical guitar and i know about a few composers that have great pieces...and i know you like Baroque, eh?? I may have some pieces for you, kiddo...


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    Jan 2004
    I have to reluctantly agree that you can't really substitute a steel string acoustic for a nylon string for playing classical. For one thing, your fingernails won't stand up to plucking a steel string - they'll get worn down and deformed in a fairly short space of time.

    As for learning classical technique, I suggest getting a teacher. I say that about learning most styles, but classical has so much minutiae involved in learning the technique that you really can't do it alone, in my opinion. That's not meant to discourage you, and for all I know, there may be some fabulous self-taught classical players out there. However, I still say that even if it was only for two lessons, just so that someone could observe how you hold the guitar and give you some pointers on how to improve those fundamental aspects of technique, it would really start you on the right path.

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