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Thread: becoming a musician

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    becoming a musician


    i am looking for advice and experiances about becoming a musician, ive been playing electric guitar seriously for about a year and a half and am not great at it yet, but i definately know i dont ever want to stop or let it become an occasional hobby. i really want to become a musician, not to become rich or anything just to make a living by doing what i love most. what styles of music are most important to learn?( at the moment i just try to play satch stuff and other shred). are there any good guitar/music schools in the UK? or anything else i should know
    any advice would be greatly appreiceated


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    Modally Challenged!!!! mattblack850's Avatar
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    There are a few decent Guitar schools over here, there's 2 Guitar Institutes in London, as well as a Bass tech and a Drum tech. There's a GIT in Guildford, The Bimm in Brighton as well as a few colleges doing music based courses!!

    Beware though, none of the full time institute courses are cheap!!!

    PM me if you want more info!

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    this is kind of a loaded question; one which i personally wrestled with for the last 6 years (which were completely wasted in an industry i care nothing about).

    if you want to become a musician, like anything else in life, just keep working at it and dont give up. generally, the bigger the sacrifices you make to reach your goal, the greater the potential for your success.

    there are no "most important styles" to learn. theyre all equally important IMO. even if you could narrow down art to a few key points, you would miss so many other wonderful aspects of that niche art that its plausible to assume you've missed it all.

    before you look at guitar schools, understand why youre going to school. school /is/ great as a means of jumpstarting your network of musically oriented friends. school /is not/ a way to syphon information directly into your skull. school /is/ a wonderful medium for experiencing great diversity not only in your particular style, but in how to work with others in your industry without completely pissing them off. school /will not/ inherantly make you do the things you would have to do anyway if you didnt go to school (such as practice, experiment, and research).

    in the end, it doesnt matter how you reach your goals, what school you go to, or what style you practice; only that you find creative ways to maintain your motivation during those particularly disheartening periods of life (which you will undoubtedly experience sooner or later) so you dont flat out quit.

    best of luck.

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    If you play music, you're already a musician. Relax, you have achieved goal number 1 (though the journey never ends).

    But you also say "...just to make a living by doing what i love most...", which is a different goal. Now you're talking about business.

    You need to more articulately define your goals in business. Do you want to be a touring musician? A teacher/educator? A studio gun? There are a lot of options, and you can choose more than one.

    Speaking as a full-time working musician (my biz revolves around teaching at the moment, but it has also revolved around other aspects of music, like recording), I can say I wouldn;t want to trade it for anything. That said, it is a highly volatile biz, and I have in the past found myself in different lines of work because of it (or, more to the point, because of my failure to properly diversify my business and respond to local fluctuations in the market).

    To do music for a living, you need to know a little about biz, not just about music.
    David M. McLean
    Skinny Devil Music Lab
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    "...embrace your fear..."

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    also know that you won't only be playing electric, if you study, you'll be doing classical also. I wasn't happy w/ the idea at first, but now I love it. ANd I'm also becoming addicted to jazz

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    To become a musician:
    1. Connect with fans.
    2. Play to your strengths.
    3. Brand identity & awareness.
    4. Do not ignore streaming.

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    i love to be

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    Now a days to become a Musician is very Competitive

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    Give me the best guide for become a Musician. _ Online Tutorials

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    I Play tabala Instrument. I want to become a popular musician

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    Feb 2020
    I think going to a music school isn't really necessary unless you want to pursue some type of teaching career or performance career in the fine arts. There are plenty of ways to make a living playing music without a formal education. (Youtube, streaming libraries, live, etc.) Plus, you won't be in debt from the schooling. Just my two cents.

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