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Thread: Help with music notation?

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    Apr 2005

    Help with music notation?

    I'm having a hard time figuring out chords(very simple ones) from music... anyone out there who's just a freakin' genius at that kinda stuff?

    The music is the theme to Angry Beavers... I honestly can't find sheet music for it, and I want it for any sort of auditions I might have to do, as the whole thing is an awesome trumpet solo(well, duet, but could easily be a solo... and I want the chords just so I can play with a friend)

    my ear just has trouble differenciating notes in chords :\
    and I have the mp3 for it(if needed)

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    I recommend D/L GNU solfege (do a search)... its a free ear training program and one of the parts is a chord section. It should help you learn to hear the intervals together a bit better. Also harmonic ear training would probably help as well.
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    ahhh, thanks :]

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