Strictly Guidelines

Any member is welcome to contribute their own "strictly" threads. However we do ask that you follow the following guidelines in order to maximise on the educational merit that the threads deliver:
1. Enter the Strictly Submission Area and click the "New Strictly Thread" button.

This forum is only visible to yourself and the mods/admins. This is where you'll create your strictly thread.

2. Pick the style/technique/scale/topic that you'd like to cover

Preferably one that hasn't been covered before or come at it from a different angle.

3. Provide a brief explanation of how *the topic* works (relevant technique and underlying theory)

This should be supported through Notation / Tab / Lead sheets as applicable. Include any tips/advice that may help.

4. Provide a backing track to practise over.

This MUST be something you have created yourself (for which you own 100% of the rights to the material)

5. Demonstrate the technique/topic over your backing track.

A starting point for discussions. Once again, this must be your own creation (for which you own 100% of the rights to the material).

6. When your strictly thread is ready, reply to your now complete strictly thread with something to effect of "done" or "Ready to go" and we'll act on it...

We'll then have a look and publish it if all is in order.
The bottom line is that we feel all "strictly" threads should offer some worthwhile instructional valuable rather than just be a random library of backing tracks for people to jam to - hence the above requirements. Once the threads are "live" they'll behave just like any other i.e. anyone can simply reply (no mod approval required).

If you submit a strictly thread that doesn't meet the requirements, we'll contact you and point out the necessary changes required.

Just give us a shout in the Forum Announcements & Member Feedback forum if you have any questions.

The iBreatheMusic Team