Welcome to the "Strictly" Threads!

These special "strictly" threads offer a brief but practical introduction to a range of topics and include backing tracks for you to practice over as well as the means to upload your own recordings (based specifically on the "strictly" topic) for constructive criticism & discussion.

As this section grows, it should turn into a great resource to visit to add variety to your practice routines and a taster for different styles/scales/techniques to increase your musical scope. It'll also prove an interesting study to see how others approach the same topics.

This forum works in a slightly different way to the rest of the forums - each 'strictly' thread needs to follow some specific "strictly" guidelines and be approved by a mod before going live (just to ensure a certain level of quality). Once the thread is live, it works in the exact same way as the rest of the forums. All users are welcome to submit their own "strictly" threads.

So, now that this section is up and running, we call upon anyone who has a little free time and the means to take part and help get this section going...

Lastly, a BIG thank you goes out to UKRuss, Matze and everyone else who collectively contributed to this idea!!! Lets see how this goes. If anyone has any further comments or suggestions (this was put together fairly quickly), please feel free to voice them, but back in the member feedback forum. To begin with we'll keep all 'strictly' threads in one communal area, but if this takes off we'll probably create a special strictly forum area with subcategories for the different topics and perhaps more functionality - basically there's plenty of room to grow.

Click here to view the "Strictly" thread guidelines.