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Thread: Strictly Lydian

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    Strictly Lydian

    See what I've done there? Do you? Hmm?

    NOOOOOOOOOO! I hear you say. true and understoos but in reality actually: YES!

    Lydian Mode: The "Dream Mode" in my mind defined by Satriani's Flying In A Blue Dream.

    You'll hear me pay homage to the man and the track in my version I'm sure, so apologies to Satch in advance...I know he listens to all my stuff

    There is also a great thread elsewhere on the boards about Lydian mode and the lack of chord progressions or otherwise for the mode.

    This suits us fine for Strickly work as we try to be more creative by cramping the chord progression. In this case a two chord vamp. But the thread also goes on to say one of the main reason for this is that the mode being played over the classic IV V progression also has the tendency to want to resolve to the I and before you know it you are back to Ionian square one.

    To avoid this, and this is what we have done here and as in Satch's Blue dream, the introduction of a solid bass line running on the IV gives it that Lydian quality.

    Having said that I think you'll hear parts in mine that are aching to resolve to the one.

    I am not happy with my soloing but had some fun with a bit of amateur slap bass instead!

    I attach my version, of course, plus a backing track for you guys to dream over in Lydian stylee.

    ps. I'm off on holiday for a week, so no comments from me til I get back.

    As always...

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