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Thread: Arp Fingerings

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    Arp Fingerings

    I was reading Gunharth's article, "improvisation tools, part 2: arpeggios", and I came across the recommended fingers for the first 5 maj7 arps given. The first 3 fingers I agree with. On the fourth one, I feel that rolling the 2nd finger seems more reasonable, for my hand size/shape than the third, but the chord is made with the third finger barring th g, b, & e. So its not too big a deal, and I went with it. The fifth shape is really stange and awkward to me. Can someone explain this fingering? I find using the first 3 fingers in making this chord much easier and more comfortable, and likewise with the arpeggio. I have smaller hands so for my pinky to reach up to that fret, I really have to tuck my wrist underneath and turn it towards my pinky to make it and not mute the E note on the d-string. This also makes my index finger bridge up and my entire hand/arm gets tighter trying to get into this rather unnatural postition. I can do it, and I'm sure with practice I'd get easy, its not incredibly straining, but compared to fingering it with the index, middle, and ring fingers. It seems so much more illogical. I know "berkely style" fingering really wants to use the pinky to stretch and not have to change position, but this fingering maintains postition throughout. So why is the fingering recommended using the index, ring, and pinky?

    At the lower frets, the recommended fingering works.
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    It all really boils down to what feels more comfortable really. Remember you can use any fingering you want becuz they are just recommended fingerings. As long as you feel comfortable what your playing and your playing it note for note then I say go ahead and do it.

    I think that maybe Guni just plays it that way becuz he feels comfortable playing it that way. If I'm wrong I'm sure he will post the correct reason.
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