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Thread: Mark Knopfler

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    Mark Knopfler

    I have been wanting to learn to finger pick for ages, but not chords, i want to learn how to play like the dude from Dire Straits. I just want to assimilate his technique. How does he do it? How does he solo and everything? What form of picking does he use? Please help...someone...anyone...

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    Hi there, I don't post very often (although I read the posts a lot) so you won't remember me.

    Regarding Mark Knopfler (one of my favourites along with Jeff Beck who also plays with his fingers), he uses his thumb, index and ring finger to play, but he does not assign any specific fingers to certain strings. Quite often he will play lead parts on the high strings with his thumb. The tone he gets comes from hitting the strings mainly with the fleshy part of his thumb or fingers and sometimes also a little nail.

    His playing does not sound scaler (like his playing scale runs or patterns), he tends to use a lot of arpegios in his lines and also bends a lot. Do a search on Mark Knopfler's guitar style and you should find some sites with tabs.

    Also check out Jeff Beck's playing, Lindsey Buckingham (from Fleetwood Mac) who is another amazing finger player and a lot of blues guys who also play like that.

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    Check out Sessions@AOL. Under country/folk they have a few of Mark playing some of his new tunes and an interview.

    "In improvised music you easily can tell who is a guitar player and who is a musician." - Maarten (fellow IBMer)

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    Also, check out Fusion master BRETT GARSED...he also uses Fingerpiking along with normal picking...it's called hybrid picking, btw...his fingerpicking style is butter-smooth...and his music is GREAT.


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    Thanks for the link Dan

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