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Thread: Secondary Dominants

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    In the woodshed rmuscat's Avatar
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    Sep 2003


    Quote Originally Posted by phantom
    we shouldn't worry and just do it. no one will get hurt.
    lol Master Yoda you always have the right words ....
    I wanna becomma Guitar Jedi!

    OK you have my backup.
    Edwin Land: Creativity is the sudden cessation of stupidity.

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    iBreatheMusic Modthor phantom's Avatar
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    Oct 2003
    Following the changes
    I wanna becomma Guitar Jedi!
    well then... just use the force.

    gimme a few days and i'll be.. *mc_phantom_slips_his_ sock_over_his_head*
    back with a track
    for you to jam over,
    slam over,
    play from your hearts
    no, it's not darts
    the way of arts
    come out and play
    hip-hopeldy be-bopeldy
    whatever it may be
    set them notes free


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    Registered User ashc's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    OK, dudes, looks like a go on this one! I could even contribute some really basic backing tracks for some of those ideas..

    I like the idea of keeping the tracks quite sparse even to the point of just drums and bass (or less) and getting some rhythm/lead ideas over those - personally I would sooner master that hendrix/mayfield chord embellishment thing (a la little wing) than play phyrgian dominant arps at 220 bpm - but thats personal - each to his own Although I'm much closer to the first goal than the second anyway...

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