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Thread: Harmonic minor scale

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    Question Harmonic minor scale


    i am having a couple of problems with the harmonic minor scale. Most noteably the fingering is a bit of a concern. Whereas with the major scale i have developed a consistant method of fingering the notes, the harmonic minor has two very strecthy positions which make it very difficult to play fluently. Could someone please help me by giving me a standardised fingering that i dunno Yngwie uses. I see he uses very unusual fingerings, well to me anyway.


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    for harmonic minor A, frets 1 4 5 on E i use fingers, 1(index) 3 4, then, frets 4 5 7, i use fingers 1 2 4, a lot of it is just alternating the use of the middle finger (2), stuff like that, but then again, im not the most experienced with harmonic minor, i love it but maybe theres a better way to play it.
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    yeah, fingering on harmonic minor can be tricky because of the wide intervals. it can make for quite some stretching if you're using 3 nps on the lower frets.

    here's a little run i made to show how i finger it, it covers all 6 strings:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    The Harmonic Minor has only one big stretch and it is only that of a minor third. (a step and a half) It may seem foreign to you right now but keep practicing it for it gets easier with time. I admit it took me longer than natural major and minor scales but the extra effort was really worth it.
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    I really enjoy the Phrygian Dominant mode myself.

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    that was pretty cool, the lower frets are a real nightmare. I can reach them but when shredding its ver y difficult to maintaina fluint string of movements. The way that i see it there are a list of what i call finger formations. In the harmonic minor there re two omore than the major scale.

    Fret: 1 2 3 4 5
    Finger: i m p
    i r p

    the second one is quite a challenge, but the first i find is like tearing my hand in half. But i will keep at those exercises you showed, it will come eventually.

    Ivan Waddell

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