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Thread: Solfege

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    Hi everybody! It's lucky for me to come upon this interesting website. It's great. I intend to practise solfege guided by this website but (1) I wonder whether the learning of French Style Solfege affects the learning Solfege by using Moveable C. (2) When using Moveable C to practise, say a song written in D major; do I sing C with its real pitch (as compared with A=440) or do I sing C with the pitch of D (as compared with A=440). I'm really in a puzzle. Please give me a hand (and an ear too!). Million of Thanks.
    thanh tinh

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    welcome to iBreatheMusic!

    i can't comment on French Style, but for question (2), the answer is that singing the "C" (do, or possibly ut) at the pitch of the new root is what makes it moveable. if you are practicing moveable solfege in the key of C major, you should sing "do" at the pitch of C and "re" at the pitch of "D" (using the solfege syllables i'm used to). if you are practicing it in the key of D major, you should sing "do" at the pitch of D and "re" at the pitch of E.

    i hope this helps! if you need any more help, please ask!

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