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Thread: Any shredders simmilar to Becker?

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    Ibreathe Music Advisor EricV's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    I canŽt recommend anything similar to Jason Becker, since there is no one really I can think of, especially when you listen to "Perspective". "perpetual Burn", to me, was very much Varney-inspired ( compare it so the first Richie Kotzen-album, the first Yngwie-album, the first Vinnie Moore-album etc.regarding artwork / layout, production, guitar sound, some arrangements )
    There only is one Jason Becker, and if I wanna hear Becker-like music, I listen to him. However, when it comes to other unique players who have Becker-like similarities, like great chops, lots of feeling and some intricate compositions, I recommend checking out Shawn LaneŽs "powers Of Ten" or "The Tritone Fascination", Marty FriedmanŽs "Scenes" or "The Introduction", Brett GarsedŽs "Big Sky", maybe something by Vinnie Moore ( his latter stuff, where IMO his great tone is featured a bit more, check out "Coming Home" )
    None of these are neo-classical records. But all of those are unique players who have chops, very interesting compositions and / or arrangements, and play(ed) with passion.
    I think that that is very much in the spirit of Jason, than if someone would have attempted to create a "Perpetual Burn, Pt. II"
    Just my opinion though

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    Registered User SE Žem all's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    Germany, Bavaria
    Since I donŽt have any of Jason BeckerŽs stuff, I donŽt know exactly what youŽre searching for, but I read through this thread and I got another guitarist you maybe like : Michael Romeo (His Band is called Symphony X ).
    I think you should give his solo cd ( "The dark chapter") a try. I really love the cd, also something I wonŽt ever become tired of i think. It includes some neo-classical and still heavy stuff. So, decide for yourself, I like it.


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    I, Galactus oRg's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    hmm...if I were you I'd transcribe some of the original piano score into powertab form. It actually is a big workout...lol. I'm still transcribing The Caprice (the entire thing...lol) and it's quite exhausting. I've actually tooken breaks from it...lol. It's a very long piece.
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