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Thread: I really need beginners help!

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    Registered User ReinierK's Avatar
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    Feb 2004

    I really need beginners help!


    so as the topic says, I'm here (in the perfect place) to seek beginners help! And I mean beginners-beginners.

    Although I already play for about 7/8 years, I decided to throw everything out of the window and start as if I was a little kid, picking up a guitar for the first time... But I need something 'good' to get me started.

    I have a hard time studying on my own, but I have to learn to learn, if you know what I mean. I never did **** in school, because I didn't have to, I passed with flying colors, even if I did nothing... Now it's payback time... Unfortunately...

    So can you guys really help me out here and point me in the right direction? I already found material on reading noted, the clefs etc. But I also want to expand my horizon on chords, progressions, hell... even fretting techniques...

    I would appreciate it a lot...

    Thanks and cheers,


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    Registered User Malcolm's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Deep East Texas Piney Woods
    You are at the right place --- Upper left part of the screen - click "Articles", then click "Chords" and start with "All About Chords, part 1"

    Study the articles and ask your questions on the forum there is a lot of help at this site.

    Good luck.

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