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Thread: Barre Chords

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    Barre Chords

    I've put off playing barre chords for a while; however, I'm at the point where it's time to start learning to play them. Over the past year, I've been sticking to songs that don't require any barre chords (just open chords such as E, Em, A, Am, D, G, etc...). Anyways, I learned to play the open chords with my index, middle, and ring fingers. Now that I'm playing barre chords (such as F#, Gm, B, Cm), I'm playing the open chord shapes (E, Em, A, Am) with my middle, ring, and pinky while barring with my index. I was wondering if it was common to play open chords such as A, Am, E, and Em with just your middle, ring, and pinky while leaving your index finger idle since those positions are used a lot with barre chords and the index finger is unavailable to make the shape. I know that it's mostly person preference and what's the most comfortable for you as to how you play open chords; however, I just wanted to get some opionions/suggestions from others. Is it a good idea to give this a try? In your opinion, would it make changes from open to barre chords easier and smoother?


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    You mean you don't know?!?
    That's what I do most of the time. Eventually you'll find it won't matter much. I can switch just as fast both ways

    The Metronome Calleth

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