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Thread: What arrpegio is this, and why?

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    Feb 2004

    What arrpegio is this, and why?

    Sorry for the silly question, also, how can I save a power tab file as an image, instead of posting ASCII tabs?


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    May 2003
    Answer to your first question is its an A minor arp. because it has the notes A. C (the minor 3rd) and E (the perfect 5th). I don't know the answer to your other question.

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    IBreatheMusic Addicted Guila's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    Isn't this arpeggio on Yngwie's Reh Video?
    Do you remember Eagleheart? That's Me...

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    Apr 2002
    Kiev, Ukraine
    Hi Wicked_Dreams!

    To save a staff section (currently active) from powertab to file or clipboard follow this path:

    Section (Menu bar) -> Output as bitmap -> To clipboard/To file

    Otherwise if you want to copy a larger portion of staff area you'll need to printscreen it or just save section by section.

    Zadd9 -> A6 -> T#9b5 -> Zmaj7

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    Feb 2004

    When my teacher gave me this, he mentioned something about Yngwie, but I was too busy wondering how the heck I'm gonna play it.

    Easier than I thought, then again, I thought that I couldn't do it AT ALL, turns out, I can, but really slow.

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