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Thread: Focusing on Chord Tones - is this right?

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    Focusing on Chord Tones - is this right?

    OK, now I understand modes a lot better, I thought I'd put my new-found knowledge into practice, and mess about with my guitar and a few vamps, focusing on the chord tones (as well as adding in a few more notes of the major scale) of the chords I'm playing over when improvising rather than just mindlessly playing on the major scale. I've put together a little powertab piece, and just wondering, if anyone here could confirm this is the type of thing you mean by 'focusing on the chord tones'

    (The melodies themselves aren't good, musically/rythmically, it's just to show how the chord tones and a few other major scale notes are being used, and also, I don't know how to use powertab properly rhythm-wise yet, so theres rhythm slashes stopping and starting all over the place )

    Here it is:
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    Anyone comment on this at all? The way I've put my question may be a little iffy so I can try to clarify if need be.

    Also, another small thing, if anyone can help:

    Lets say we have a standard I-IV-V chord sequence with the chords A7 - D7 - E7. I understand that you can use both the Amin pentatonic with the Amaj pentatonic over this seqeunce. Why is this possible? If it is in the key of A and it's I-IV-V then I can understand the A major pentatonic working over it, but why does the minor pentatonic work with it too?


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    This was talked about....

    on another forum just tonight.....

    Give it a look ....http://www.guitarlodge.com/forums/gu...939#post141939

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    Playing a scale with a b3 over a chord with a natural third doesn't necessarily sound "bad", it just sounds rather unsettled. Same with the natural 5 of a dominant 7 and the b5 of the blues scale. Maybe it's not a note you'd end a whole lot of licks on, but it works really well for going from the 4th to the 5th. In other words, it's all in how you use it.

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