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Thread: Chord Tones

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    all around psycho
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    May 2004

    Chord Tones

    Anyone know where there's an article on here or anywhere on the web with all chord tones listed such as major is 1 3 5, minor is 1 b3 5, Diminished is
    1 3 b5 etc., only with 7ths and everything?
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    Registered User fortymile's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    orlando, florida, usa
    you should be able to find that in any good theory book at your local bookstore. you can usually trust those for completion, whereas on the web you will sometimes find errors. just go in and buy it, or take a notebook and have a coffee and write em all down. you'll get practice that way, anyhow. i did it that way.

    dont try to memorize them, though. the chord spellings themselves usually contain all the information you need to know how to form the chords.

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    Afro-Cuban Grunge-Pop Bongo Boy's Avatar
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    May 2002
    Colorado Springs CO
    Not exactly sure what you're asking for, but I THINK I have it.

    I believe everything you need is definitely in Guni's Chord Scales series, here at this site. What's good about that Series is, not only does he talk about all your basic triads and 7th chords, he also talks about the 'avoid notes'.

    Using the tables he provides, you can figure out your own easy way to memorize where the major and minor chords are. It's very complete and very straighforward, I think.

    If you have questions about this, please ask. It really worked well for me.
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