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Thread: which picks do you like to use?

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    Oct 2003
    Long Island, NY
    D'Andrea Classic .71 mm. Not too sure if this is good or bad, but they serve my purpose well.
    I used to have the ones that said "Music Emporium" which are a 25 cents each and can be found in a jar on the counter.

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    Aug 2004
    Dunlop stubbies are the BOMB... I use 2mm stubbs... great.. i used to have a problem with rotation towards the neck alos but it has mostly stopped... although I do get every ennoyed with them... I find that the grip just doesnt work and they feel as if they move about all over and sometiems I get really wound up about it... I think I may try some jazz 3's... or anything stubby thickness but with better grip...

    I love the attack the stubbys have... extremely fast and accurate... and ht ejust cut into those strings for a perfect shred tone... yummy...

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