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Thread: Books???

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    Registered User Mondo's Avatar
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    Question Books???

    Hello everyone, I am a new guitar player and I really need some help with finding the best book to start off with. I know I should take lessons from a live human, but I do not have the time or money right now to go that way. (I am getting married next year and have to pay for most of it.) What is the best book or books for me to teach myself?? I Play everynight for about 3 hours on some chords that i got from the internet. The guitar really has me hooked! I can not seem to stop thinking about playing. I really want to learn everything about playing. So I really need a book or books that go over theory and chords as well as playing some songs. The music I love range from Jazz, Metal, Blues, Rock.


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    Afro-Cuban Grunge-Pop Bongo Boy's Avatar
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    This is a frequently-asked question. It's very hard to answer, I think, and especially in your case because, like me, you're just starting and everything is new. Even 'worse', you have a very broad range of music tastes.

    Check out this thread:


    And at about 11 or so posts down in the thread above, I've provided some ideas, at least. Not sayin' they're great ideas, just ideas.

    Two books I'm currently using that seem kinda nice are:

    Patterns, Scales and Modes for Jazz Guitar by Arnie Berle
    Contemporary Music Theory--Level Two by Mark Harrison

    You may want to take a look at these in the store and see if they seem useful for you.
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    Hey Bongo...

    You used the term "frequently asked question", which is a good idea... I guess one of those days we need to make up a "FAQ"-section of ibreathe, with answers to those common questions, maybe by quoting some threads etc.
    Another pile of work coming up

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    Afro-Cuban Grunge-Pop Bongo Boy's Avatar
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    May 2002
    Colorado Springs CO
    ...absolutely. It's buried in the "Forum Reorg Suggestion" over in Site Feedback. The idea is to somehow distinguish it from the other FAQ, i.e., the one that's specific to use of the site itself, etc.

    On the issue of work...yes. It would be nice if there were a "FAQ submission request form". Any registered user could submit what they feel is a FAQ, and optionally, could also submit at the same time what they feel is a good answer to that FAQ.

    Then, they'd 'submit' the request. All the iBreathe staff would have to do is approve/disapprove, add or tweak the answer, grammar or whatever, and 'poof'. Just like flippin' magin there'd be a new FAQ entry.

    The form itself would be designed with sufficient mandatory fields to provide the data structure needed to ensure effective searchability of the FAQ, etc.

    With the active membership here as small as it is, you wouldn't have to be too concerned about getting a LOT of repetitious crap, I don't think. Heh, how about I start a Site Suggestion thread on this specific topic, with the purpose of the thread to collect a list of FAQs. That's a start, eh?

    Oh, hey Mondo--I almost forgot! Welcome to iBreathe!
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    You could just have at the top of the main forum page a big
    please read before posting q's

    And have a small link at the top of all the other forum pages.

    You could also have a large link at the top of the page any time anybody tries to post a new topic. You could call it something like Frequently Posted Topics, or Answers to Frequently Posted topics. Or Frequent Answers to Your Frequent Question. Or We've already answered your damn question so stop asking it so frequently.

    Have you ever considered that by putting something in the Frequently Asked Questions section, it loses its FAQ status?

    OK, I'll be quiet now.

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