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Thread: Personal Practice Plans

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    Jan 2004
    Great idea! I recently made my own practice regime but lol I still haven't done it yet. Hopefully since school's out and I will have all day I can put it into use though. I'll post my schedule when I can start doing it routinely.

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    May 2003
    I don't really time things out, and some of these things I don't do everytime but....

    1. I warm up for about 5-10 minutes playing scales, scale sequences, arpeggios just to get myself familiarized with the fretboard again.
    2. Play some etudes/song clips to further warm up and improve various techniques
    3. Put on a jam track and improvise over it. I also work on various techniques during this time i.e. sweep picking, 6 and 7 finger tapping, etc
    4. Work on whatever song I'm currently learning or put in a Chopsfromhell Cd and learn some licks off those.
    5. Song writing----- coming up with riffs/chord progressions

    ummmmmm I think thats about it.

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    Aug 2003
    Germany, NRW
    Here is my practice plan from today.( it was a long session )

    Start: 10:30 in the morning

    1. Warm up ---> 20 min
    Some stretch exercises for 5 min
    Playing Eric's Atlanta Down etude for 10 min
    Playing some chromatic exercises

    2. Sight Reading ---> 40 min

    3. The Songwriting Part ---> 1h 20 min

    --> A little break for 10 min

    4. 1. Picking Part ( Basic Exercises like the PG-Lick etc.) ---> 90 min
    I often do these exercises in front of a TV

    5. 2. Picking Part ---> 2 hours
    In this Part I play a lot of etudes and cool runs etc.

    --> A break for 30 min

    6. The Legato Part ---> 1 hour

    7. The Sweaping Part ---> 1 hour.

    8. I call this Part " The quest about tone " --> 1 hour

    --> A break for 30 min

    9. The Theory Part ---> 30 min

    10. The Jamsession ---> 45 min
    At the moment I jam a lot to blues tracks

    End: 10:00 in the evening

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    Mar 2004
    You seem to have a lot of time on your hands

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    Aug 2003
    Germany, NRW
    On the weekend I try to play as much as possible. When I have school I have only 2-6 hours.

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    Nov 2003
    MatthiasB, that's awesome. I wish I had the commitment to practice as much as you. I waste the majority of my free time. Here's roughly what I do. I often take some parts of my schedule out to make time for a different thing to practise.

    Chromatic exersizes
    Moto Perpetuo
    Major scale/Arppeggio exersize going down the cycle of fourths

    I don't have a slot for song learning, because I rarely ever learn songs, which is a very weak point of mine. And some days, I might work on one thing all day, if I'm really motivated.

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    Feb 2004
    Something I've learned that has loosed up both my playing and my hands, is that running your hands under hot(NOT SCALDING) water really loosens up your tendons, muscles, ligaments, and such. Just stretch out your hands underneath the water for 1-5 minutes, or you can massage them to to get some blood flowing.

    Just like an athlete has to warm up before working out or running, so does a musician before playing.

    My practice schedule for the past 2 weeks:

    Work out a full transcription off a recording: 30mins - 2hours
    Work on repetoire: 30mins - 1 hour
    Warmup and Scale workouts, focusing on technique: 20mins - 45 mins
    Chord exercises, such as figuring out new voicings and walking bass, sight reading charts: 30 mins.
    The rest of my time is just playing around, looking for new ideas and sounds, and just improvising and jamming.
    Hard luck and trouble...

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