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Thread: Suggestions

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    Hello, i am new to this forum and i am blown away by everyone here. I have only been playing for 2 years so i am far inferior in my playing than all of the music i have heard here. What i was wondering is if anyone could suggest things for me to practice or train with to help me become a phenominal guitar player.


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    i agree with you.. i was gonna post some unperfect music.. just acoustic with singing.. but **** that these guys will probably laugh..

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    Hey guys, you're right about the talent many of the members have. But, I've posted some of my stuff here, and no one ever made me feel bad about it.

    I posted a series of my first attempts specifically to encourage other beginners to share their progress--and because it's fun when you're doing things for the first time.

    The Number One theme of this site is intended to be learning, and sharing what you're learning. I don't think anyone here intends to intimidate, even if some of the talent levels here seem like very distant, if not impossible goals for many of us.

    I would like to hear more from beginners, and know about how they did the recordings too. As a beginner myself, it's nice to hear efforts from folks who have less than, say, 4 or 5 years experience.
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    You mean you don't know?!?
    No one will laugh, everyone sounded terrible at one time or other.

    Anyhow, as far as the suggestions go, I'd start by setting aside a the very least an hour of playing per day. If you REALLY want to get good you'll have to do a lot more. Then, invest in a few books or read some articles on this site or others and get as much out of everything you read as you possibly can.
    It's all about practicing, in fact, it's not so much about what you practice as how you practice it, imo. Check out Eric Vandenbergs 'The Workout' articles

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    Just look for exercises on the internet or buy a book by your favorite player (if they have on out), but don't crazy with books or anything. If you're into metal I recommend Speed Mechanics for Lead guitar because it's straightfoward, it has a ton of picking exercises, and has a few cool songs (Flight of the Bumblebee, Caprice 16, and Prelude in D). Just don't go crazy with books, 1 or 2 at most. Also just check out all the articles here on IBM.

    Don't forget always practice with a metronome or drum machine and try not to practice with distortion on because clean tone tells you what your fingers are really doing.

    Finally, don't give up, and try keeping your head up high. When I first started playing guitar (3 years ago) I didn't practice and my playing showed it. Then I bought Speed Mechanics and started playing more. Now I play 4 hours on a good day and really enjoy playing even if I'm not that good for how long I've been playing. Every once in a while I hit a bad day where I just can't play anything, but I just put the guitar aside for that day and go right back to it the next day, and I'm usually fine. Once in a while you WILL have a bad day. Even if you don't intend on being a famous guitar player one day, a few hours of practice a day(1 or 2) consistently will probably turn you into a decent guitar player and that's something you can show off to your friends with or maybe just land a few gigs in college.

    Good luck!

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    So about how long have you all been playing?

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    Hey phil. Just to let you know, no ones here to criticize but to offer help and guidance to those in need. One thing I've noticed about IBM is everyone here is humble when it comes to guitar playing. Even the greatest players on the website, who offer their help and guidance, learn and are learning new things for guitar everyday.

    I've been playing guitar religously for about 5-6 years now. I actually first picked up guitar about 12 years ago but I didn't really practice. It wasn't until I was about 14-15 that I picked up guitar and stuck with it. I basically have music in my blood. Not saying I'm born to be an awesome musician becuz that takes more than luck. It takes blood, sweat, tears, and above all time and dedication. It's basically in my blood to be a musician. My dad's a guitarist, mainly influenced by 60's and 70's pop rock, and my one grandfather was a classical guitar player. My one great great grandpa was a very well known flute player in Ireland. My other grandpa was a locally reknowned pianisst. He played alot of classical music and jazz. The want to be a musician is pretty much in my blood, though I have to say I think I'm lacking in knowledge of music theory but working to remedy that problem.
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