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Thread: New Guy!!

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    Afro-Cuban Grunge-Pop Bongo Boy's Avatar
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    May 2002
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    SlikNick: see also the "It's the where do I start question" thread in this forum.

    Since this thread has already diverted and I can't be held responsible, let me note that the one-way, 'telling' type of communication Guni mentioned seems to carry over into the world of work, as well.

    Folks at my company had put together an outline of a consulting process--with Phase 1 being 'Discovery'. When asked to review it, I asked, "How can this be a discovery phase when 4 of the 5 steps involved telling the client about us and our products?". Everyone looked at one another in astonishment--no one had even realized the problem until an 'outsider' peeked in.

    We all have egos, have pride in what we know and want to show how much we know to others--I just did it myself in the paragraph above ("See how smart I am to discover this problem!"). It's very challenging to find ways to help others discover for themselves, and our egos would really prefer not to give the student the credit for the discovery, anyway!

    Heh..this turned out to be one ibreathe's more philosophical, poetic threads.

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    Hey everyone! sry bout the caps thing. Eric was right obut the guy that said " just keep playing," and he wasn't my music advisor or w/e he was some guy whu i met in the parking lot. He saw my guitar and i told ihm i was just starting and i thought it was cool and i wanted to start my own band and stuff liek that. There are so many guys that when they turn 11, 12, or 13 they want to start the gutar. My dad did and he got one, but he had no musical talent[ lol ] and thats how my grand ma learned how to play. If u look at all the guitarists that r in bands they all started when they were that age. guys such as John Mayer, he started when he was 13. i wanted to play ever since a year ago, but then my very close aunt got cancer and we were with her as muchas we could. so i never had time to practice. And she has been sick since, but she died in June, God Bless her, so more free time. i never reallythought obut playing when she was sick.

    so i went out for my birthday and i obut a Hohner. i olove that thing but the problem is i don't know how to read notes. I am trying to teahc my self but i might take lessons. i knwo how to read chords but like i can't read the bar lines. so it is kinda hard to teach myself. If u guys ever have any tips at all p[lease let me know becuz i need all the help i can get 8-).

    O and instead of calling me sliknick, just call me Rico. thats my nickname. Rico Swauve. something my g/f came up with. o and once again sry bout the caps!!! when u do try to help me could u use like smaller words?? please?? ia m 14 and kinda stupid. o and if u ever wanna talk to me or email me something my email address is SLIKNICK22@cs.com and my screen name is SLIKNICK22. sry obut the caps but thats how u do it sry!! thankx!!

    c ya

    Rico Swauve

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    Afro-Cuban Grunge-Pop Bongo Boy's Avatar
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    May 2002
    Colorado Springs CO
    Welcome, Rico! I don't get what you mean about being able to read chords but not notes. Can you explain?

    As for the caps thing--none of us meant to be harsh!! A capitalized letter every now-and-again certainly won't offend anyone

    Congrats on getting your Hohner--they sure make some beautiful instruments. It's an acoustic?

    If you do a web search for "tablature" or "guitar tabs" or "tabs", you'll find many web sites that provide sheet music that includes "TAB" notation below the notes. This notation shows which strings (and frets) to select for each note of the music. It is often NOT recommended as a way to learn to read music--but it will get you started in picking out tunes on your instrument.

    Most beginner guitar books will include an explanation of both tablature ("TAB") notation, and chord diagrams. Hope this helps, and please keep coming back with questions.

    Finally...look at how this site is organized and explore it for goodies--there's lots of info here. If you have a specific question, start a New Thread in the Beginner forum for each new topic area--that way, other beginners (such as me) can easily find the topics we're interesting or are having problems with.

    Welcome again to the exciting, painful agony of the guitar!
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    Resident Curmudgeon szulc's Avatar
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    Treble Clef ( G clef)

    Bongo what I bet he means is that he can use the little chord chart that shows where to put his fingers ( little black dots).

    the spaces starting from the bottom:
    F A C E ( like your face)
    The lines starting from the bottom:
    E G B D F (Every Good Boy Does Fine)

    #'s or Bs to the left of the staff are called the Key signature and men the given note will be modified through the whole piece ( unless modified by an accidental)

    When a Sharp or Flat occurs among the notes of the piece it is called anaccidental ( # and b and Natural sign)
    (SHARP)#- means raise the note 1 fret (Half Step) higher
    (FLAT)b- means lower the note 1 fret (Half Step ) lower
    Natural ( there is another sign I can't show in ascii that means natural, so make a sharp or flat note its natural note)
    They last for the whole measure ( to the next divder bar).

    The Numbers to the left of the staff are the time signature or meter. The top number is how many beats in a measure and the bottom number is what kind of note lasts one beat.
    So 4/4 means 4 beats per measure and a quarter note gets 1 beat.
    "Listen to the Spaces Between the sounds."
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