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Thread: Keys

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    A pretty simple question really, how do I work out what key and what scale a song is using? Is it basically the chord that song seems to resolve to or is it a little more complicated than that?

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    Hi Gareth,

    Well, as a general rule ya might look at the first chord of a tune (if it's a Rock / Pop song). Most of the time this is the key you are in. Of course this is a generalisation but most of the time this will work ..........

    You can go further and look at all the chords to see which overall key they fit.

    Say, C Am F G = I VIm IV V in the key of C.

    Please don't email or send me private messages with music related questions as they will be ignored. Rather use the forums for this and I will try my best to take part as much as I can.

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    take all the notes in the song. arrange them in order. when it comes to sharps and flats, name them so that no chord letter is repeated (if you have C and C# for example, call it C and Db) you have 7 notes. if you got more, the song either has modal interchange or a key change.

    if you have 7 notes, then you can determine the key:
    no sharps or flats: C major/A minor
    1 sharp : G major/ E minor
    2 sharps: D major/ B minor
    3 Sharps: A major / F# minor
    4 sharps E major / C# minor
    5 sharps: B Major /G# minor
    6 sharps/6 flats: F#/Gb Major / D#/Eb Minor
    1 flat: F major / D minor
    2 flats: Bb Major / G minor
    3 flats: Eb major / C minor
    4 flats: Ab Major /F Minor
    5 flats: Db Major/ Bb minor

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    also look at the last chord or note in the peice that can give you a good idea sometimes also especially if the first is the same as the last there's good chance then too.

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