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Thread: confusion of mind

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    Not Only As Distortionist sam6's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Here In Ibreathe

    confusion of mind

    I have a problem that always make me lost!
    I love a lot of contradictive styles and moods.
    first metal (thrash,death) was and still .
    I beginned learning classical guitar at 1996 but always Ilove to play power cords,after a two years I started to learn acoustic jazz and folk,and after that I bought an ELECTRIC so was always matel ,so after of tons of power cords and speedy noisy lead I went back to 70s , blues ,funk,atmospheric,psychadlic,underground ,i dont know (pink floyed) style,a lot strenge effects with VAI things ,and nowadays its fusion jazz with prog rock.

    so when doing improvaistion all i know come to me mind in same second ,so all me project canfused and uncontinual.
    [ It's Definitely ]

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    Senior Citizen Cuno's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    Helsingborg, Sweden
    Is that a question? So you get confused by the many things in your head, so severely that it blocks your soloing, is that it?

    I believe that the ability to cover many styles is a good thing.

    Soloing is difficult, some days it works, and some nothing works. Improvisation is a lot like telling a story - if i don't have anything to say, there isn't a chance in the world that the solo is gonna be any good. Having something to say is, to me, the hardest part (as this rambling clearly shows). I find that i improvise at my best when i am relaxed and feel no fear or need to show off. Self-reliance and guts are important issues, allowing me to speak my mind without giving a rats *** what other people thinks. Typically these are the qualities i lack the most. So maybe you have other issues, eh?

    Not much of advice. But talking about stuff helps to, no matter what gets said. So thanks, and keep talking

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    Senior Citizen Cuno's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    Helsingborg, Sweden
    I agree with you Bongo, one can probably spend eternity on anything and still find that there is more to explore.

    BTW: I figured your sig...but i cheated (google) so i wont say anything. But honestly - where is 'in with the in crowd'?

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