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Thread: 10 most useful guitar instructional videos for U

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    Mar 2011

    hello everyone!

    It's me Susan. i am new here. and i am enjoying. i hope to enjoy more. and to learn something new. i am also willing to share the skills that i have known.

    more power!

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    Nov 2007
    Hehe. Hey Susan!

    I've been registered for a while, but have been inactive due to been poorly. So, I'm kinda new.

    Some great suggestions in this thread. I'll be surely checking them out.

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    Jun 2011
    Great White North
    I would highly recommend Justin Sandercoe. His lessons for a beginner to intermediate guitar player are clear and concise. He explains the hows and whys and from a beginners perspective that is extremely helpful. He has a beginners course as well as an intermediate course. The tabs to his songs were deleted for obvious reasons but if you watch carefully and listen they are very achievable.

    Kurt Mitchell's rock cd's are total garbage. You have to write out the tab as he calls it out on the CD.What an absolute waste of money!!!
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    Oct 2011

    Join any professional website

    I have watched many instructional videos on playing guitar at youtube and myspace but these are for beginner and updated by unprofessionals guitar players. Therefore, it is better for you to join any professional website that provide you propert guitar training.

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    Dec 2011
    Rock behavior is actually really good, it covers a lot of concepts in a dynamic scene and you will (I still use some of their approaches to practicing) in order to see the downside of the video can be acutely arid Petrucci Paul Gilbert videos add a lot of fun (even conceded pizza is not as clear definitions of "eternal" both videos are abundant and they both helped nous mind, Kui You, you can get them both and plan for the PG.

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    Jan 2012

    hello everybody

    Hello everybody I am also join with yours
    I am happy to say this


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    I love this video on Frank Gambale's picking technique, it has served me well over the years.


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    Mar 2017
    I took help from both books as well as guitar video. Both has unique place while you learning guitar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flathead View Post
    I'm not big on videos but I absolutely love Rusty Cooley instructional CD's. I have all 3 and they are all great.
    Really ? Do you have rusty cooley instructional CD's. if yes then will you like to share them here I also wanna to watch them and play the guitar. Thanks
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    Dec 2018
    I never got into recordings, chiefly in light of the fact that here in Canada they are 2 or multiple times more costly than a similar book with a CD.

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    Nice maazing

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