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Thread: Instrumental Guitar Ballads

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    Resident Curmudgeon szulc's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    Jackson MS
    Is Don Juan related to Carlos, the writer ("A Yaqui Way of Life", "Journey to Ixtlan" etc.)?
    I guess I am confusing the name of a character in his book with him here, I am talking about Carlos Casteneta.
    "Listen to the Spaces Between the sounds."
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    Ibreathe Music Advisor EricV's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    I have heard a few soundfiles of Chris´... I heard he´s a great player, I need to get my hands on his CD, I guess
    Seems to be a great guy.

    Regarding Vinnie... I don´t think the song was in a Bond-movie. But I guess he was inspired by it a bit when he wrote that. The whole "Maze" album is a bit 80-ish. In the 80s, Vinnie played a mixture of progressive and neoclassical rock, his first two albums were like that.
    Then he got more into mainstream, Satch-like stuff, such as the "Meltdown" album ( which was supposed to have vocals ) and "Out Of Nowhere"
    On "The Maze", he kinda mixes up the rather melodic, Satch-type stuff and the neoclassical thing a bit... kinda best of both worlds. I like it.
    He´s a killer player

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    Apr 2003
    Sydney, Australia
    Yeah, he's a great player and a pretty cool guy too.

    As for Vinnie, neoclassical is not so much my area of interest, so I guess I might try another one of his recent albums next. I quite like The Maze... I don't hear too much neoclassical stuff in it, except The Thinking Machine, and perhaps a few moments elsewhere. And yeah, he is a killer player. I've been working on Rain and Watching From The Light, and all the little touches he puts on things make a slow song hard to play (for me anyway) Satch does the same thing...

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    May 2003
    Hey I see you got a couple Neil Zaza songs on one of your compilations. You should also check out, if you havent already, his cover of Purple Rain, the Prince song. One of my favs.

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    Mar 2018

    How can i get to listen to it?

    Kind regards


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