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Thread: backing track solution

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    Oct 2003

    Thumbs up backing track solution

    i was wondering if you are familiar with Guitar-pro a multitrack tablature editor that tabs your songs. The great thing is that if you have the program you can download thousands of files in guitar pro format and use them as backing tracks for soloing.if you want to check it http://www.guitar-pro.com/

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    I think most people here is familiar with it but thanks anyway.
    Guitar Pro is good for backing tracks but many times I find that the tabs are not accurate.

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    Dec 2002
    I use Guitar Pro all the time. But I do agree that the tabs are not always accurate. These tabs are produced by the guitar-player masses out there and are their best attempts. Some of the more popular songs are tabbed multiple times. I try to check out the different versions until I find one that is most comfortable for me. Bottom line is that they are a starting point to be used to build on. The interface is user friendly and it has a loop feature which allows you to practice small sections at a time while slowing the tempo increasing with each iteration. I find this helpful when learning more difficult passages.

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