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Thread: Blues licks using double stops (guitar lesson)

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    Blues licks using double stops (guitar lesson)

    Thought I'd share this Blues guitar lesson on double stops

    Remember to experiment & give the licks some jam time! 🔥

    Taken from this full solo + jam track → https://bit.ly/3dHWKnN

    Happy jamming!

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    A typical blues double stop begins with a dissonant clash between notes a whole step apart and then resolves as the lowest note is bent up to sound the same pitch as the higher note (a ‘unison’). The licks I demonstrated for you in the video above follow the opposite pattern: first, a regular note is played from a scale that sounds normal and stable. Then, a clashing dissonant note from the scale is played together with it creating a double stop. This dissonance never resolves fully (until you stop playing). All of this makes the dissonance a lot more pronounced and builds A LOT more musical tension.

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