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Thread: How to play dorian mode in 3rds + TAB

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    How to play dorian mode in 3rds + TAB

    Thought I'd share this dorian mode exercise!!

    Free tab → http://bit.ly/2QrtKah

    Happy practicing 🔥

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    Modes open up a new way of listening to and writing music. Each seven note mode has a unique sequence of whole steps and half steps, and therefore each has a musical role that it was destined to play. For example, while the classic Ionian scale’s upbeat and bright feel lends itself well to pop music, Lydian has more unusual intervals that makes it very suitable for jazz music. Similarly, though they are both technically minor modes, the Dorian scale is known for its melancholy-yet-hopeful tone (it’s technically a minor mode!), distinguishing it from its more ambiguous, tension-filled cousin, Phrygian mode.

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