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Thread: Metronome Meditation

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    Metronome Meditation

    Try the Metronome Meditation Booklet to learn the magic secret of meditation that will teach you how to master meditation.

    You can use a metronome to help you meditate. Set the metronome to the lowest BPM. Then breathe with the clicks or flashes of the metronome using mathematic counting sequences. Start with one cycle of breath within one click or one inhale and one exhale and count one one for one complete cycle or a uni-cycle or unicycle. Then count two full cycles of breath within one click for a bi-cycle or bicycle and count one one two two within one click. Then you count three cycles of breaths within one click for a tri-cycle or tricycle and count one one two two three three within one click. Make sure to count and breathe and inhale and exhale evenly. Then continue adding more cycles.

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    awesome meditation technique!

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