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Thread: P Sokolich On Music Theory and Composition

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    P Sokolich On Music Theory and Composition

    Music Theory and Composition, Scales from Modes from Ancient Sumerians to Ancient Babylonians,
    Music Proportions as attributed to Pythagoras (reference Plato The Republic Book X 617b,
    with many other cited entries),
    and Prince Zhu Zaiyu in The Year 1584 for Equal Temperament,
    my Exact Temperament Tune
    (reference PRJSokolichNewMusic2019Page3.webstarts.com),
    Pentatonic Scale for Note Sequences in any Order, by design,
    Chords to- and from each the other in any Order with appropriate Chord articulation/s,
    Chord Form/s and Inversion/s - any one- or number as appropriate for musical effect -
    as Chord Substitution/s for Variation/s of THE Chord Progressions,
    and my writings about Modern "Classical" Music Chords in Pianoforte Composition Performances
    from my earlier posts in this Forum section! Reference my PRJSokolichNewMusic2020.webstarts.com...
    with references to my earlier pages!
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