I recently pushed up to github some python scripts for generating ear training melody samples. I began experimenting with these scripts when I realized through much effort at musical ear training, that the process of developing a good ear for relative pitch in tonal music was going to take many hours. I had surmised that people who had really good ears had generally spent many hours playing by ear, ie, learning to hear something and then play it, initially by trial and error, and eventually with less effort. That activity is akin to the process of transcribing, which I interpret as meaning to go directly from sound to symbol (which can either be demonstrated by notating the music or just playing or singing the music). I tried using ear training software, but my ability was so basic, it was too boring. I wanted to try something more akin to transcribing. I hypothesized that a large data set of short mp3 files with music samples that I could put on my mobile phone might be able to exercise the same brain functions involved in transcribing music. In order for the music samples to be useful, I knew I needed a way to be able to check my answers, and I eventually discovered that answers could be put into id3 tags within the mp3 files. I've had a lot of success with samples like the ones available for download.

Anyway, I pushed my stuff up to github, and since this is my first post I apparently am not allowed to give you a link (fair enough, I could be a robot), so I will only be able to say that the link is approximately at github dot com /rmcclain3/motif-generator and so, if you care to check that out it will tell you more of what is there. Also there is a link to a .zip file with over 4,000 .mp3 files, broken into 9 collections of different scales, modes, and other chromatic pitches. All they are is sequences of pitches, no more than 12 pitches in length. The cool thing about these is that the answers to the melody is embedded in the lyric id3 tag, so you can check it right on your phone (given a capable enough app).