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Thread: PRJ Sokolich On "Classical" Music Composition

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    PRJ Sokolich On "Classical" Music Composition

    Chords... Harmonizations of Scale Tones, Chord Arpeggios... in classic-/"Classical" Music rhythms, March rhythms... Melodious Modulations... Cadences... Composition Development... in "Classical" Music, and Popular Music,
    of Ascending-/Descending... inter-/whole-/intra Major AND Minor-/Mixed Scale-/Mode-/Key Runs of the intra-/whole-/intra Octaves...
    in Circles of the Intervals, as Rounds as Dance Music to- and from Dance Rhythms,
    to Cycles of Modes to- and from Poetic meters/measures/feet... as Song Cycles, from Antiquity to the Present. As for the Art of Articulation, in fact, multiple classic-/"Classical"-/contemporary Dynamic-Rhythmic Articulations for Pitch Articulations of the Aggregate AND Average Pitch frequencies of THE Tuning Systems, Temperaments, for example, to Sound THE Ethnic/Cultural Music Pitches, Harmonious Intervals, Chords, and Scales of Cities, City-States, Countries... as Musicians do with Equal Temperament, to say the least, for example, in Performance of THE Ancient Greek, Ancient Chinese, and later European Pitches, Intervals, Chords, and Scales in Equal Temperament because Equal Temperament is a Tuning System, THE Tuning System, of Aggregate AND Average Pitch frequencies of THE Ancient Greek Tetrachords and Ancient Chinese Pitch Cycles... and with classic-/"Classical"-/contemporary Poetic-/Dance-/Music Rhythms of the classic-/"Classical"-/contemporary Dynamic-Rhythmic Articulations for Pitch Articulations, in Arpeggios, too... for example, the appropriate Dynamic Articulation of a Pitch AND Duration of the Pitch appropriately Sounds THE corresponding Pitches, Harmonious Intervals, Chords, and Scales of Ancient Greece and Ancient China, and later European Pitch frequencies of Equal Temperament, to say the least, because Equal Temperament is an Aggregate AND Average Tuning System... THE Aggregate AND Average Tuning System, of the Pitch frequencies of THE Music Scales from Ancient Greece, Ancient China, and later of European Countries up to, and after, The Middle Ages... the Ancient Greek and Ancient Chinese Music Tunings of Pitches, Intervals, Scales... Modes derived from earliest Music of the Ancient Sumerians before Ancient Babylonian Music.... with your Fanciest, Finest, Flourishing Finishing Touches... yes, your appropriate Dynamic-Duration Articulation to Sound each Pitch Articulation of Pitch frequencies of each of THE Tuning Systems for your most Formal PERFORMANCE Techniques... multiple PERFORMANCE Techniques... multiple Articulations... more than one Performance Technique at the same time for PERFORMANCE, COMPOSITION, PERFORMANCE COMPOSITION... COMPOSITION PERFORMANCE... for Production of THE most Formal Music, not merely Ethnic, Cultural, Local, Regional, National, Traditional, Folk, Popular, Formal Music, for example, Ancient, Renaissance, and Modern Music for Battles, Games, Processions, Marches, Recessions... with appropriate classic-/"Classical"-/contemporary Music of the same Tuning System Pitches, Harmonious Intervals, Chords, Scales... Modes... of the same musical Instruments, with Dynamic-Duration (Rhythmic) Articulations for each- and every one of those Pitch Articulations of THE Pitch frequencies, of THE Harmonious Intervals, of THE Scales... Modes, of THE Canons, THE Rhythmic Canons, THE Cadences... of single notes, single-note length, figures... as Compositions... THE Expressions of Moods/Modes... of THE Music Styles, Genres... and as Subject-/Composer-/Composition-/Performer-/Performance... "Tone"....
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