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Thread: PRJ Sokolich On Chord Articulation

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    PRJ Sokolich On Chord Articulation

    ...you realize from your Performance, you Change Chord Articulation (the dynamics, subtle Changes of rhythmic articulations,
    rhythmic variations, and subtle changes of note durations) for each- and every Pitch of each- and every Chord in Phrasing,
    not merely Dynamic Phrasing, while you perform the rhythmic notes of all of the single-Chord strikes of notes, note durations,
    of the classic-/"Classical"-/contemporary rhythms with each Chord, AND for each- and every Chord as you Progress to- and from Chords,
    as you Perform a Chord Progression!
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    PRJ Sokolich On Chord Articulation

    Give us a real world example ...

    The Real World examples of Chord Articulation are every time you listen to- and Perform a Chord Progression. One of the obvious exemplary examples, Absolute and Scientific, of a Real World example of Chord Articulation is from those toy- and toy-like electronic Casio music keyboards with no touch sensitivity for dynamic expression during Performance: when you Perform a Chord Progression, all of the notes of each Chord sound at the same dynamic level every time you Perform the notes, and the Chord Progression sounds unmusical because there is no modulation of the Chord AND no modulation-phrasing-progression to- and for Progression to the next Chord of the Progression.

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