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Thread: On Cyclical Tuning

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    PRJ Sokolich On Cyclical Tuning

    ...from Music and Tunings of the Ancient Sumerians, then the Ancient Babylonians, to Pythagoras and other of THE Ancient Greek Philosophers, to Prince Zhu Zaiyu with his Equal Temperament in 1584, to the present time, you realize the objective of single- and double Octave Scale Creations by Tunings of Pitches as Scale increments for Performance, and for Performance of THE Intervals, with various Tunings of the Scales as Modes, was continuance to- and then beyond two consecutive Octaves with continuity to effect a Grande Scale tuned to a Cycle of 5ths for performance of the Scales as performance of Modes from- and to any Pitch as starting point of the Scale... as Scale Tonic... ...Then, long after the earliest 20th Century, electronic tuners, then electronic musical instruments, allowed, and allow, 100% accurate Tuning AND Performance of consecutive 5ths thought impossible in the earliest 20th Century (acoustic Pianos were even more difficult to Tune, in fact, impossible to completely tune nearly all of the time), and allow Performance of all Intervals and Chords in more than one consecutive, even non-consecutive, Octave - in- and of both, too - at the same time... ...and, you realize from Ancient Greek Pipe Organs, each and every Pitch of the present Pipe Organs are tuned to sound 5+ Octaves at the same time... and you realize the early 20th Century Atonal "Classical " Music Composers, then Motion Picture and Television Show soundtrack love of composition/performance of ascending-/descending 5ths... Brass... later included in many, many electronic sample-based keyboard workstations... and your realization of so many serious Epic "Classical" music demos with most unconventional pitch combinations as chords... the objective to Tune a Scale for performance of any order of notes-intervals-chords can be taken beyond the most formal, beautiful fully harmonized first inversions for any chord progression of any chord/s to any other/s for most beautiful "Classical" Music than Vienna Symphonic Library, VSL.co.at, Vienna Instruments Pro Preset Chords of the fully harmonized first inversions with which you can perform any sequence of any Chord/s to any other/s for THE most classic, formal, beautiful "Classical" Music by Mode/s of the Key of C Major, white keys only... with rare, occasional Mixed Key/s/Mode/s... Preset custom Tuning of the Interval of the Third is very, very good for ascending-/descending... slow-to-medium Tempo single Scale increments for classic "Classical" Music Composition/Performance... ...and with the Interval of the Third two Octaves apart! These days, use of Major/Minor Chords-Inversions... (both Major and Minor) allow beautiful higher Chord Progressions of basic Chord Progressions... with harmonization/s beyond Chord fundamental/s...
    with harmonization/s with Fundamental/s-/Interval/s-/Chords... of traditional "Classical"- and unexpected contemporary "Classical" Chord Articulations....
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