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Thread: A little help

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    A little help

    I am stuck right now in a composition.. I am in the key of E, playing E and I want to transition to G. What chord, can I use to do this? Thank you! Also I would like to ask what is the theory behind doing something like this.. how do you find it? thanx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by motherlode View Post
    Disclaimer: Any opinions, analyses, systems, methodologies, or other information expressed here should not be construed as musical advice. They are provided as part, and parcel of general music commentary.
    @Keane Rose

    Since you asked for a single chord, simply place a 'D7' before the 'G chord'. It's called tonicization.

    However, how was the original key established? Do you wish to maintain a similar continuity? Is there a melody? What is the intended duration of this modulation?

    The answer to these questions will point you in the direction as to the best method to use.
    Yes the d7 chord helped a lot, I added a few notes after and it was cool. the part before it was in E, and I had another piece of music that was the beginning of a piece I wrote, and I wanted to combine that part which was in the key of G. as I have been combining different pieces of music together to create a medley of sorts, to use for some projects that they asked me to write the music for. there is no melody, just music, the modulation turned out pretty quick.. thanks man.

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