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Thread: PRJ Sokolich On Centuries of Use of Images of Subjects by Painters, Music Composers

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    PRJ Sokolich On Centuries of Use of Images of Subjects by Painters, Music Composers

    As you know, or can learn, Painters, not merely of Portraits, used reflections of their Subjects reflected as projected onto canvas, reflections from water, then metal and glass. These days, one can photocopy photo images onto transparencies in photocopy machines, and place yet another transparency over the imaged transparency, and draw a sketch, a study, to paint over the sketch, for a Painting... in the manner of THE Painters Centuries ago... and, one can now use online photo editing programs to fully adjust images from 100% transparent... invisible... to solid image... and impose... superimpose... transpose... overlay... images... and use drawing programs to draw on a layer page over the image. Music Composers can continue many, many years of writing Music notes on printed, photocopied... ledger lines on transparencies as Music Manuscripts, the transparencies with ledger lines over landscape, portrait... photographs... photo images on transparencies... to plot the points on the curve, the points Music notes on-/over-/under the ledger lines as accents of the highlights of the images... as Stars of Constellations... highlights... high lights... of the images! You can proportion... size... re-size... scale... photo images of the Constellations to plot the Stars of the Constellations on ledger lines! You can continue the long tradition to compose strings of sixteenth notes as the points on the curves of the skyline, points on the curve of a shoreline... of landscape paintings... landscape photographs... curves and lines of a portrait sketch... curves and lines, the accents of a portrait painting... or of a portrait photograph!
    Multimedia - art - productions preceded multimedia - art - presentations.
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