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Thread: PRJ Sokolich Exact Temperament Tune!

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    PRJ Sokolich Exact Temperament Tune!

    Many, many years ago, I realized by Tuning Forks, and Tuners... Exact Temperament Tune would be fun... then, after many, many years of frequency Tuners online and offline... over and over again... I finally, during Fall/Winter 2018, used my Virtual Studio Technology Music Software Instruments and Signal Processors to Tune frequencies with Whole Integers of frequencies for Pitch and Octave Intervals in Proportion, and uploaded examples to my New Music webpages, with many, many other Historic European and U.S.A. Pitch Standard Tuning frequencies for A, with many, many of my Music Theory and Composition observations for my Applied New Music Theory and Composition, my links to follow! My links are online at the KVR Forum, in Music Theory. There are Virtual Studio Technology Global Master Tune controls for the Pitch of A to Change from A = 440, for example, for Exact Temperament Tune of A from 440 to 384, and from B to 448 to Transpose for A, and, at least one of the most popular VST Sound Sample Engines allows one to Tune each and every Scale increment in at least one Octave with an adjustable bar graph graphic from the horizontal line offset of the default Tunings. The custom Tuning for Pitch frequencies for Exact, whole number, frequencies for Exact Temperament Tune and for Exact Temperament, yes, Exact Proportion of the Octaves AND Intervals, between the Pitches AND between the Octaves, yes, the 1:2 Proportion, yes, the doubled Pitch frequency of each Scale pitch with each successive consecutive Octave, is from A = 24, A#/Bb = 26, B = 28, C = 30... A = 48, A#/Bb = 52, B = 56, C = 60.... My big New Music Idea for Exact Temperament Tune was my realization the near perfect proportions of Equal Temperament Tuning can be corrected to Perfect Proportions with use of whole numbers for pitch frequencies, as you see in 1:2 Proportion of the Octaves as attributed to Pythagoras, for example A = 440, and from the Music Tuning and Theory of Just Intonation as Divisive tuning to frequencies of whole numbers thousands of years before Pythagoras with intervals between scale increments not exact: the intervals between pitches, the scale increments, were merely equivalent as equal, and can be tuned immediately to exact Proportions with electronic musical instruments (keyboard workstations), electronic music pitch tuners... then with virtual studio technology with Equal Temperament as a Structure for Exact Proportions, as with A = 440... with all of the Pitches tuned to frequencies of whole numbers... and from so many, many accepted and acceptable pitch frequency tunings of A since The Renaissance, then after with International Pitch Standards... Vienna tunes to A = 443, the New York Philharmonic tunes to A = 442, others, other Orchestras tuned, and tune to A= 415 (Baroque, Vienna/Mozart), A = 421, and many other tunings of A = 421 with additional fractional amounts, of the tuning forks (Mozart), A = 432 (Giuseppi Verdi), A = 441, A = 444, A = 448, A = 450.... Thank you! ..."Good Luck"!
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    I included my links, but IBreatheMusic Forums only allow links in posts after 10 posts!

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    ...and, today, 20 August 2019, Audio of my New Music WebStarts.com websites is temporarily down for maintenance!

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