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Thread: The Absolute Mindset

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    The Absolute Mindset

    Chapter One
    Welcome to The Absolute Mindset book. This book is written to help give the blueprint to all the key essential components of a complete musician’s mindset as well as key insights and pointers to help any person along the way to learning how to master music.
    The Absolute Mindset is a way of thinking and a way of speaking that is different from the way of thinking and speaking that you may be used to. The Absolute Mindset is like learning a new language and or a new dialect that has all the parameters for mastering music. The reason is that the way many people speak and think is really a dead end. In other words you need to leave behind the way you think and speak right now because the way you think and speak right now is wrong. That way of thinking and speaking will never have the language and dialect of The Absolute Mindset and all its key components. Thinking and speaking in The Absolute Mindset is completely different than the way most people think and speak because of the difference in parameters. The way people think and speak without The Absolute Mindset is like thinking and speaking in unimode that is a way of thinking and speaking that does not permit or allow for speaking and thinking in different keys or different modes or different scales for example. The unimode way of thinking and speaking does not allow or permit a knowledge of a complete musician’s vocabulary. However if you change your way of thinking and speaking to The Absolute Mindset that way of thinking and speaking contains all the right parameters for music.
    The Absolute Mindset is similar to speaking and thinking in an annoying funny sounding voice that might make people laugh. The reason this is true is because that way of speaking and thinking has a different tone and tuning and permits all the essential elements of a complete musician’s mindset. Sure you may sound funny but you are speaking in The Absolute Mindset. It’s like changing the font or signature of your thinking voice and speaking voice and if you think and speak in this way long enough it will eventually replace the way you think and speak now and of course you can edit or modify to customize your new way of thinking and speaking.
    In other words you are changing your out loud voice as well as your thinking voice. Remember it’s a mindset a way of thinking and a way of speaking that is different from the way you think and speak now. Examples of this voice are the voice when you joke around and sound funny to your friends or do a voice impression of someone or even when you sound sarcastic. Or The Absolute Mindset sounds like if you are being overly polite. So you take that way of thinking and speaking and practice it and work with it and customize until it becomes your new primary language and primary dialect.
    The more you learn about music the more you can incorporate into The Absolute Mindset way of thinking and speaking and expand your vocabulary.

    Chapter Two
    Music Theory
    Music theory is an essential component to the Absolute Mindset. A complete music theory vocabulary is essential to music. You need to know the diatonic tones and the chromatic tones. You need to to know scales and modes and keys. You need to know music notation. You need to know intervals and arpeggios and chords as well as the inversions of intervals arpeggios and chords. You need to know progressions. You need to know compostion. You need to know songwriting. You need to know improvisation. You need to know solfege. These components are essential to The Absolute Mindset.
    Music theory is a lot of the actual vocabulary of music or the knowledge that makes up music. Learning music theory is foundational to learning music. When you know music theory you can have the vocabulary to speak about music in the way that it sounds in the way that it is written and when you know a lot of music theory you can see it everywhere in life. Music theory is like learning the language of music.

    Chapter Three
    Practice is an essential component of the Absolute mindset. In order to really learn music you need to practice music daily. It really needs to be a part of your life and your daily routine and daily schedule. You really need to understand how to practice when to practice and how much to practice. Developing skill in music requires countless hours of total accumulated practice. The masters learn to incorporate practice into performance as well as their day to day activities so everything they do is musical. Practicing is key to advancing in music.

    Chapter Four
    Metronome Training
    Metronome training is an essential component to The Absolute Mindset. You must understand what a metronome is and how to use a metronome effectively in order to truly practice music. You must understand tempos or beats per minute and how to count them and subdivide them into the primary frequencies in music and sound.
    The metronome is really a device for measuring and counting time. The metronome is similar to a clock. A standard clock ticks at sixty beats per minute or one tic every second. A standard classic metronome has a tempo range from forty beats per minute to two hundred beats per minute. Time is measured in hertz or notes per second. So a clock that tics at sixty beats per minute is ticking at one hertz. That means that a standard classic metronome has one two and three hertz or sixty beats per minute one hundred and twenty beats per minute and one hundred and eighty beats per minute or ABC 123 as they say meaning one two and three hertz or like low medium and high on a stove whereas a clock only has one hertz power. Modern electronic metronomes can sound out up to sixteen hertz or approximately one thousand beats per minute.
    All this is important because music has thirteen bars just like the thirteen stripes on the american flag. Those thirteen bars represent the standard frequencies up to four thousand hertz.

    Chapter Five
    Voice Training
    Voice training is an essential component to The Absolute Mindset. It is important to train your voice and keep your voice healthy and free from bad habits that can harm or damage your voice. The goal of voice training is to really warm up your voice so you can speak or sing for as much time a day as you would like. Many people don’t realize it but if they wanted to the could only speak for a few minutes a day. Voice training helps to train your voice in a healthy way to be able to speak or sing for as much time as you would like daily.

    Chapter Six
    Ear Training
    Ear training is an important component to The Absolute Mindset. It is very important to train your ears. There are many ways to train your ears. An important goal in ear training is to learn and master absolute pitch or perfect pitch and relative pitch. You can learn other more common methods of ear training as well. A good practice for example is listening to sounds at a low volume as a rule. Or just learning the subject of listening.
    Ear training teaches you to recognize sounds that you hear and to identify them without the help of sheet music or other hints so to speak. The goal of ear training is to be able to write down onto sheet music what you hear in music precisely including all aspects of music theory. You need to be able to listen by ear and know exactly what is going on in the music or any sound that you are listening to and be able to understand it as if you were listening to any language or dialect of language.
    Ear training is a practice that should be incorporated daily and incorporated into daily activities and even practice and performance. The more ear training you accomplish and practice the more it will help you in sound and music listening.

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    Chapter Seven
    Motor Skills
    Motor skills are important in learning The Absolute Mindset. Motor skills teach you how to maximize your potential for playing instruments and even listening because motor skills train your body to handle instruments with precision and accuracy. Incredible skill is needed for higher levels of music and listening so motor skills tune up your body as well as your listening to listen more finely and to play more finely. Motor skill teach you how to operate instruments effectively at high levels of playing and listening. Motor skills can help you acquire the abilities necessary to be successful at music and listening. Motor skills help refine your abilities to a high level and in other words give your listening and playing higher and higher definition or higher and higher resolution. You need the ability to handle instruments properly and precisely and motor skills help you acquire those skills.

    Chapter Eight
    Rudiments are fundamental to music and The Absolute Mindset. Rudiments teach you coordination of rights and lefts in any instrument. Rudiments teach you coordination of rights and lefts with your hands and feet. Many instruments use right and left hands and right and left feet. The rudiments teach you a vocabulary of patterns or formulas or recipes of rights and lefts to be used to coordinate playing instruments and to give you different sounds to work with. Rudiments are helpful to teach you not to be right handed or left handed or right footed or left footed but the rudiments teach you to be both right and left handed that way you can decide to play right handed or left handed on the drums for instance. Learning to be right handed and left handed as well as right footed and left footed can be very helpful in all areas of life. It can fix imbalances in your body. Being right handed and left handed can help you in tasks where you use your hands so you can give one side a rest and use your other side so you can maximize productivity and help regulate energy management and time management. In drums the rudiments help teach right and left coordination and movement.

    Chapter Nine
    Vibrato is an absolutely essential component to The Absolute Mindset. Vibrato teaches how to play the actual frequencies precisely themselves. Vibrato is an advanced component in music. Vibrato can be heard in all sound and music. Most people just play notes without vibrato when they are first learning music. Once you advance in music you can learn about vibrato and add it to your Absolute Mindset. Vibrato is almost like magic because it seems so fast when you first learn about it. However after learning vibrato you learn that all tempos on the metronome are not fast at all and neither are all the frequencies. It may sound difficult at first however with practice the tempos and frequencies seem slower and easier to play and listen to. Vibrato is absolutely essential to The Absolute Mindset.

    Chapter Ten
    Versatility is important to The Absolute Mindset. Many people are fixated with one style of playing or one style of music and ignore that there are many different styles of music. What can be extremely helpful in music is versatility or the ability to play in many different styles. The ability to play in different styles gives you more variety in what you can play in music. A lot of musicians miss out on gigs and job opportunities because they ignore this or refuse to play different styles. In the end the musician that will get more gigs is a musician that is versatile because obviously that musician will have more things to play than a musician that just plays and or knows one style. It is very important to learn many styles of music and that makes you versatile.

    Chapter Eleven
    Musicianship is a key component to The Absolute Mindset. Musicianship is often overlooked by many self-taught musicians and it is a way of conducting yourself in what you do in music. People see a lot of musicians and think that that being a musician looks fun because you can do whatever you want if your a musician. In the real world however musicianship is required. Many people use musicianship in their styles of music. Musicianship is a way of carrying yourself. Ultimately it is up to the musician in how they conduct themselves however musicianship can regulate how a musician appears and how people see them.

    Chapter Twelve
    In closing The Absolute Mindset is truly a mindset of a complete musician. It is not everything that a musician needs to succeed however it is most of what a musician needs to succeed in music. All of the components of The Absolute Mindset take practice and time to learn although the time spent is well worth the effort because The Absolute Mindset can really help you in life and music. Of course you can add other components to The Absolute Mindset although really the elements discussed in this book are a lot of what advanced musicians know and use in their music. If you learn these concepts in The Absolute Mindset and master them you will have a lot of what it takes to succeed in music and in life.

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